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    Shadowpath Theatre Productions is a charitable organization and professional theatre company located in York Region, Ontario, Canada. We create new works in everyday site-specific spaces. This empowers us to deliver the performing arts in new ways for underserved communities.

  • What's Happening

    Formidable Fridays

    A Festival In The Making

    Friday August 7th, 7pm

    Shadowpath wants to pick the brains of 12 brainstormers on the creation of a festival that best serves

    female-identifying artists.

    We've secured 12 Brainstormers

    who have received 3 questions to ponder prior to our virtual gathering.

    Join us for a YouTube livestream conversation of ideas and inspiration.

    Anti-Racist Leadership Workshop

    August 2020

    The Shadowpath Board of Directors will partake in this necessary workshop on August 7th and record the session to be shared on our YouTube Channel in the following days. We hope this will be an important resource for other arts organizations.


    Play Reading Club

    August 27th, 7pm - Virtual Confab

    Shadowpath invites the public to read along as we unearth classical works from the 11th century to 1950. Share your thoughts as we select scripts to be featured at Shadowpath's 2021 festival of unknown classical plays:

    Theatre Out Of The Shadows

    Members read the plays AHEAD of time and join online to discuss the scripts.

    NOTE: We are NOT reading the plays together online.

    Supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


    Apartmental - Jxsse's Story

    August 20th, 8pm 2020

    A new play 'Jxsse's Story' is our first installation of our Apartmental project illuminating the journey of at-risk youth. In collaboration with a youth at 360 KIDS, Apartmental highlights issues that are often kept quiet behind closed doors. Jxsse's Story shares the journey of what led one youth to the doors of 360 KIDS.

    Virtual Performance.

    REGISTER HERE (link coming soon)

    Supported by the York Region Arts Council's Micro Grant Program.

    Wellness Wisdom For Artists

    Ongoing on YouTube

    Shadowpath launches our wellness wizardry sharing helpful tips to nurture your arts practice. Artists need to take care of themselves so that they can create and present their important work. Learn Shadowpath's wellness secrets that fuel us to create

    passionately, prolifically and Shadowpathically.


  • The Script Selection Committee

    Meet the team curating Theatre Out Of The Shadows

    A Festival of Unknown Classical Plays

    Coming Spring 2021

    Alex Karolyi

    Training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, York University and the Randolph Academy, Alex created Shadowpath after performing at the magical 2003 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Reinventing herself as an Artistic Director, producer and playwright led her to receive innovation, entrepreneur and leadership awards, fellowships and playwright residencies. Her plays have been produced in Toronto, Vancouver, Vermont and the UK. She recently collaborated with American playwrights to create Vermont’s first female-driven new play festival called The Stranger Play Fest in 2019. Her 2018 short play, The Alley was published as part of New World Theater’s masterclass anthology of plays called Unparalleled.


    Chantal Forde

    Writer, director, performer and educator Chantal is a graduate of the Randolph Academy and was recently part of Shadowpath's apprenticeship program. Recent writing credits include Table 7, presented at the 2019 Toronto Fringe. GREY, which she wrote and co-directed was named as a Torontoist Highlight, Now’s Outstanding New Work and Outstanding Ensemble and won the Critic’s Pick Award for Outstanding Ensemble.  Chantal and her husband are the writing team behind Oakville's Holiday Pantomime. She is on the faculty at Sheridan College, and teaches at Centre Stage Theatre School. Chantal was awarded Theatre Ontario’s 2019 Michael Spence Award, Shadowpath’s Artist of the Year in 2015, and won an Ovation Award for Outstanding New Musical in 2008.

    Dian Marie Bridge

    Dian Marie Bridge is an award winning Toronto-based freelance theatre maker and arts manager. Dian has worked with many arts organizations including Luminato Festival Toronto, Maison de Poivre Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, The Stratford Festival, Volcano, BAND Gallery, Obsidian Theatre, Canadian Stage, Mirvish Productions, Soulpepper Theatre, Playwrights Guild of Canada, and The Guthrie Theatre. Dian is the recipient of the inaugural Strombergs Family Realization Fund, through Nightwood Theatre, the Stratford Festival’s Elliott Hayes Guthrie Award for Playwriting, and SummerWorks’ RBC Professional Award. Dian was also a part of the Stratford Festival’s first Michael Langham Workshop for Classical Direction.

    Herbie Barnes

    Herbie Barnes, An Anishnabe from Aundeck Omni Kaning On Manitoulin Island. He is an Actor, Director, Writer and Teacher. Directing credits include Music Man (TIFT), Oliver the Musical (Bluff City Theatre), Inheritance (Alley and Touchstone Theatre) and Tales of an Urban Indian (Public Theater). He received a John Hersh Award nomination for his directing.

    Select roles include Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit, Norvel Morrisou in Copper Thunderbird and singing and dancing as a Wikershame Brother in Sussical The Musical.

    As a director he’s worked on large pieces such as The Remember (MTYP) and Someday (Native Earth) to one man shows Such as Tales Of An Urban Indian (Public Theatre NYC, Autry theatre LA) and Dinky (Native Earth). Herbie’s Play Russell’s World was honoured to be featured at the Magnetic North Festival.

    Maissa Bessada

    Maissa has worked with Shadowpath since 2013 most recently in 2018 as an apprentice and went on to receive an Ontario Arts Council (OAC) recommender grant for writers to work on a novel she wrote about living in Egypt. She is also creating the third season of her audio drama, The Destiny of Special Agent Ace Galaksi, a sci-fi satire. Immigrating to Canada from Egypt, she is a person of two cultures, not quite at home in either. Her work is an ongoing quest to bridge cultures and experiences. Maissa was awarded Shadowpath’s Artist Of The Year 2019 for her multifaceted contributions in producing, writing, performing, directing, and podcast creation. In 2020 Maissa received a travel grant from the OAC to attend the world’s first audio drama convention in Halifax.

    Tsholo Khalema

    A multifaceted artist currently based in Tkoronto. A proud South African artist who was born in the midst

    of apartheid and witnessed the fall of an era while settling in Canada. Growing up on the westernmost of

    Canada's three Prairie provinces where he began his lifelong pursuit of learning the art of theatre and film. An Actor, director and a self taught film editor/ photographer, his art practices aims to enhance the black voice and the transgender voice(s) showing the many different intersectionalities of blackness and experiences expressed through storytelling. Currently, Khalema is the 2019-20 RBC directing apprentice for The Musical Stage company.

    Tea Nguyen

    Tea is an alumna of Niagara College's Acting for Film and Television Program, and a graduate of Second City's Improv Program. Select credits include No Visible Scars, a two hander off-off Broadway play in the New York International Fringe Festival. Tea performs as (and co-wrote for) Empress Wu Zetian in NASTY, which won Patrons Pick in the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival, and remounted in the 2018 Feminist Fuck It Festival. Tea is a lead in an ensemble cast in TV pilot My Spot. Tea is the co-founder and lead Producer of Reverie Arts, an indie film company based in Toronto, and is an Executive Producer with the indie arts coalition, an arts service organization serving the indie artist community.

  • Podcasts

    The making of a new kind of classical play festival - meet the script reading committee and the first 6 plays up for debate as we program the first ever Theatre Out Of The Shadows!




    A Kilometre In My Shoes
    A podcast featuring a youth at 360 Kids Richmond Hill who tells their story about being homeless and how art has made a difference.




    Shadowpath and The York Region Arts Council (YRAC) explore and recommend innovative models for sustainable mixed-use arts and culture hubs in York Region.

    Listen to the podcast

    Read the report




    Transforming Everyday Places Into Creative Spaces



    'When everyone benefits, a whole community wins.'

    'When I started Shadowpath in 2002, I had no idea of its potential. I approached everyday spaces because I couldn't afford to rent the few regional theatres. That turned out to be the best thing for Shadowpath and now everyday spaces are our signature style of theatre producing. Businesses gain a creative boost and access to new customers, performers get a professional opportunity to work in alternative spaces, the community gets more arts and culture programming and Shadowpath gets connected to community partners and free space! Now that's winning! -Alex Karolyi


    Shadowpath Theatre Productions

    A not-for-profit charitable organization, shadowing playwrights by remounting their plays, and building new artistic paths for the creative citizen in all of us to emerge.


    To educate the public’s understanding and appreciation of Canadian theatre by:​

    1. Presenting dramatic performances

    2. Providing workshops for the benefit of the public
    on such topics as Canadian plays, new works and performance.


    To be leaders in innovative, location-driven theatre

    in York Region and beyond.

    Strategic Plan

    The Future Path: 1 - 3 years

    1 New site-specific play development in new venues
    2. Programming for specific demographics, i.e.: women, northern communities, new Canadians
    3. Training & Mentorship prioritizing female artists
    4. Securing space for a multi-use artist hub in York Region
    5. Developing advocacy initiatives, i.e: pregnant artists/new mothers, municipal support for artists




    1 Code of Conduct
    2. Copyright
    3. Equity
    4. Conflict of Interest
    5. Pregnant Artists

    6. Anti-Harassment




    Annual Review

    See what Shadowpath has been up to in the past year.



  • Our Team




    Maissa Bessada




    Jacquie Lazar, Chair


    Dexter Chew, Vice-Chair


    Michael Shuster, Board Member


    Georgia Fullerton, Board Member


    Opal Rowe, Board Member


    Shiqiang Peng, Board Member


    Tu Anh Lam, Board Member

  • FEMME 5


    Thanks to a Grow grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Shadowpath expanded our creative team with sixteen apprentices from 2016 - 2019. These apprentices developed skills in creation, producing, arts admin and artistic direction increasing Shadowpath's community programming.


    Shadowpath Apprentices Today Are:

    Artistic Directors of theatre festivals

    Arts Administrators of arts councils

    New work creators

    Independant theatre producers

    Grant recipients

    Founders of their own performing arts companies

    and of course,

    Shadowpath collaborators and associate producers



    December 1, 2019
    HISTORY HIGHTLIGHTS 2010 - Shadowpath receives funding from the Department of Citizenship &...
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