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    Table 7 - A Plays In Cafes Creation

    at The Paintbox Bistro

    Toronto Fringe July 2019

    I really enjoyed the piece, but what I enjoy more is how much I keep thinking about it after. I like plays that stay with me like that.

    -Mooney On Theatre

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    Transforming Everyday Places Into Creative Spaces



    'When everyone benefits, a whole community wins.'

    'When I started Shadowpath in 2002, I had no idea of its potential. I approached everyday spaces because I couldn't afford to rent the few regional theatres. That turned out to be the best thing for Shadowpath and now everyday spaces are our signature style of theatre producing. Businesses gain a creative boost and access to new customers, performers get a professional opportunity to work in alternative spaces, the community gets more arts and culture programming and Shadowpath gets connected to community partners and free space! Now that's winning! -Alex Karolyi


    Shadowpath Theatre Productions

    A not-for-profit charitable organization, shadowing playwrights by remounting their plays, and building new artistic paths for the creative citizen in all of us to emerge.


    To educate the public’s understanding and appreciation of Canadian theatre by:​

    1. Presenting dramatic performances

    2. Providing workshops for the benefit of the public
    on such topics as Canadian plays, new works and performance.


    To be leaders in innovative, location-driven theatre 

    in York Region.

    Strategic Plan

    The Future Path: 1 - 3 years

    1 New site-specific play development in new venues
    2. Programming for specific demographics, i.e.: women & northern communities
    3. Training & Mentorship for female artists
    4. Securing space for a multi-use artist hub in York Region
    5. Develop advocacy initiatives, i.e: pregnant artists/new mothers




    1 Code of Conduct
    2. Copyright
    3. Equity
    4. Conflict of Interest
    5. Pregnant Artists

    6. Anti-Harassment




  • Our Team

    We've got a top notch team!




    Board & Apprentices

    Left to Right: Apprentices - Mandy Roveda, Alene Degian, Artistic Director - Alex Karolyi, Board Members - Georgia Fullerton, Joanna Grace, Jacquie Lazar (Chair), Dexter Chew, Apprentices - Tea Nguyen, Maissa Bessada

    Absent: Board Members - Michael Shuster, Opal Rowe,

    Apprentice - Chantal Forde





    Jacquie Lazar, Chair


    Dexter Chew, Board Member


    Joanna Grace, Secretary


    Michael Shuster, Board Member


    Georgia Fullerton, Board Member


    Opal Rowe, Board Member


    Shiqiang Peng, Board Member

  • Innovate This!

    We are so Honoured!

    2016 Richmond Hill's

    Creativity Connected Awards

    Best Creative Innovation


    Mayor David Barrow, Shadowpath's Artistic Director Alex Karolyi and apprentice Deanna Galati


    Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

    Business Excellence Award for Innovation


    The FemmeOperative is Shadowpath's newest initiative featuring female creative leaders in an interview-style format. The FemmeOperative is an opportunity to gain insight, be inspired, connect, share ideas, clarify next steps and add practical wellness tips to maintain energy and focus for all your artistic pursuits!

    The FemmeOperative features female decision makers and encourages ALL to attend; young/old, male/female, artist/arts appreciators...



    April 28th, 2018 @ Thatz Showbiz Studio, Thornhill

    Featuring: Artistic Director, Lua Shayenne from Lua Shayenne Dance Company

    Artistic Director, Sarah Magni from Thatz Showbiz


    May 7th, 2017 @ Yoga Source Studio, Newmarket 

    Sponsored by Align Health Centre

    Featuring: Newmarket’s Supervisor of Cultural Services, Laura Schembri

    Cultural Facility & Programming Coordinator of the Lebovic Centre for Entertainment, Ashley Chappell


    January 25th, 2017 @ Lake Wilcox Brewery, Vaughan

    Featuring: Theatre Coordinator & Technical Director of St.Andrew's College,

    Jacquie Lazar

    Conductor & Artistic Director of the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra, Jessica V Kun


    November 30th, 2016 @ Bonsai Hill Cafe, Aurora

    Featuring: Executive Director of the York Region Arts Council, Samantha Wainberg

    Academy Director of Ovation! Performing Arts Academy, Bonnie Craig


  • FEMME 5


    Thanks to a Grow grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Shadowpath expanded our creative team with sixteen apprentices from 2016 - 2019. These apprentices developed skills in creation, producing, arts admin and artistic direction increasing Shadowpath's community programming.


    Shadowpath Apprentices Today Are:

    Artistic Directors of theatre festivals

    Arts Administrators of arts councils

    New work creators

    Independant theatre producers

    Grant recipients

    Founders of their own performing arts companies

    and of course,

    Shadowpath collaborators and associate producers


  • Meet the Apprentices

    2018-19 - FEMME5

    Alene Degian

    2018 -19

    Chantal Forde

    2018 -19

    Mandy Roveda

    2018 -19

    Tea Nguyen

    2018 -19

    Maissa Bessada

    2018 -19

    Chandra Pepper


    Mani Eustis


    Laura Katherine Hayes




    Coco LaRain



    Rosanna Saracino


    Karina Milech


    Joanna Grace


    Heather Braaten


    Deanna Galati


    Becky Tanton


    Peyton LaBarr


  • Testimonials

    The Apprentices aka 'The Femme5', 2018 - 2019

    Alene Degian

    Alene Degian

    Before this apprenticeship, I was seriously considering leaving the arts world altogether. I was a little stuck because I didn’t know where my place was and if there even was one. This apprenticeship had a massive impact on my creative future. It opened my eyes to the many possibilities and roles in arts administration and that the world needs more female leaders! It showed me that I can still be creative, yet use my financial background and create the perfect blend of the two.

    Meeting women in all roles in the industry and working with such strong, inspiring women, reignited and renewed my love of theatre and showed me my place in this industry. I didn’t know a lot about arts administration and whether it was something I would necessarily enjoy or even excel in. After this apprenticeship, I can wholeheartedly say that I will forever be involved in the arts and arts administration will be a huge part of my life.

    Mandy Roveda

    Mandy Roveda

    I am so thankful to Shadowpath for this wonderful opportunity. There were so many wonderful women that applied for this role, and being pregnant at the time I thought I didn’t have a chance. But being a forward thinking, female focused company, Shadowpath took a chance on me and I’m very grateful.

    Working as an apprentice kept my mind busy during the months of being a new mom. I was worried about my artist brain being quieted and I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to explore being an artist and a new mom.

    One of my favourite parts of the apprenticeship were the industry sessions. We were given the opportunity to each choose a female leader in the theatre community that we would like to meet. We would see a theatre piece they were involved in and then have an informal chat soon after. Getting to meet women in the industry that we look up to and respect was very special.

    This apprenticeship also gave the gift of meeting and collaborating with 4 amazingly talented women who I now call friends and look forward to working with often in the near future.

    Chantal Forde

    Chantal Forde

    Being a part of the Femme5 Shadowpath Apprenticeship over the last ten months has been an experience that has expanded my knowledge and skill set in the theatre world.

    Not only was I able to do the things that I already love to do, but I was able to explore in fields that are newer to me in a way that was supported but still challenging.

    Going beyond the walls of traditional theatre was a great way to look at producing and creating from a different side.

    I hope that more theatre artists get to explore, learn, and play through similar apprenticeships as it allows us to become better leaders, more independent artists, and bigger contributors to the Canadian theatre scene.

    Tea Nguyen

    Tea Nguyen

    Thank you Alex Karolyi, Shadowpath Theatre and Ontario Trillium Foundation for such a humbling experience. Thank you for teaching me the skills to thrive as a leader in Canadian Theatre. I’ve taken away a valuable skill set that I can apply in everything I work on moving forward. For anyone thinking about applying for this apprenticeship, I would 100% recommend the opportunity to work with the Shadowpath team.

    Maissa Bessada

    Maissa Bessada

    When I first contemplated applying for the apprenticeship program I was a little apprehensive because I worried the time commitment would take away from personal projects I was trying to get off the ground.

    Thankfully the call for an opportunity to learn more about all aspects of theatre creation and administration sounded louder in my head than the noise of my worries.

    Rather than detract from my personal artistic pursuits the opposite happened. Working with Shadowpath taught me untold other things I was able to immediately put towards my other projects. Like I had the ability to write and receive grants! I learned the value of sharing responsibly and delegating and looking to others for creative inspiration.

    It inspired me to believe I could make myself successful and work even harder to achieve my goals. Time stretched to accommodate as necessary. I am a better artist and a better person because of the experience. My advice to future apprentices is to approach the opportunity with an improv attitude. Always say yes, because it will take you places you are glad to be.



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    HISTORY HIGHTLIGHTS 2010 - Shadowpath receives funding from the Department of Citizenship &...
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